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Rome. The following is a city-by-city guide to some of Italy's top art exhibitions: CALDAROLA (MACERATA) - Palazzo dei Cardinali Pallotta: Discoveries In The Marche Around De Magistris, including two works by Lorenzo Lotto, Until August 24. CARAGLIO (CUNEO) - Filatoio: 40 Years of Italian Pop Design; part of Turin's year as World Design Capital; until September 14. FERMO - Palazzo dei Priori: leading Marche Renaissance painter Vincenzo Pagani and influences including Raphael, Carlo Crivelli; until November 9. FLORENCE - Palazzo Strozzi: Painting Light, The Unknown Techniques of Monet, Renoir and Van Gogh; until September 28. - Galleria Palatina: Flemish Artists in Florence, 1430-1530; the likes of van Eyck, Memling and Leida compared to contemporaries Raphael, Botticelli, Castagno and Ghirlandaio; until October 26. - Palazzo Pitti: The Medicis And Science; large collection of scientific writings and tools; until January 11. - same venue: Unplanned Paths; unsung works by 20th century masters like Giorgio De Chirico, Giorgio Morandi and Ottone Rosai taken from the gallery's vaults; until September 14. GENOA - Palazzo Bianco: 'From The Cradle To The Altar: Scenes Of Female Life In The Belle Epoque'; until October 10. MILAN - Palazzo Reale: biggest-ever retrospective on Naive artist Antonio Ligabue; 250 works until October 26. - same venue: Francis Bacon, first retrospective in Italy since 1993; until August 24. - Palazzo della Ragione: Unknown Weegee, more than 100 photos by US photographer; until October 12. NAPLES - Madre modern art gallery; Robert Rauschenberg, Travelling 1970-76; October 19-January 19. - same venue: Georg Baselitz, 120 works by avant-garde German artist and sculptor; until September 15. PERUGIA - Palazzo Baldeschi al Corso; From Corot to Picasso and Fattori to De Pisis, modern Italian and European art from two private collections including Monet, Van Gogh and Modigliani; September 15-January 15. REGGIO EMILIA - Palazzo Magnani and other venues; Matilda and the Treasure of Canossa, 200 works of Medieval art; August 31-January 11. RIMINI - Castel Sismondo: 100 works showing classical influences on 13th-century local greats like Nicola Pisano and Arnolfo di Cambio; until September 7. - Fellini Foundation: Dreams Left In The Drawer; previously unseen film doodles; until August 31. ROME - Castel Sant'Angelo: The Wolf And The Sphinx, Rome and Egypt From History To Myth; until November 9. - National Gallery of Modern Art: Mario Schifano, major retrospective marking 10th anniversary of death; until September 28. - Borghese Gallery: 40 works by Correggio including two loans from Kunsthistoriches in Vienna and one each from London's National Gallery, the Louvre, the Brera in Milan, the Prado and New York's Metropolitan Museum of Art; until September 14. - Palatine Hill: Augustus's House on view for first time in 25 years. - Colosseum: Roman Triumphs; some 100 works including bas-reliefs, sculpted marble slabs, statues, bronzes and coins on loan from Italian and foreign museums, tracing evolution of triumphs from Etruscans to Constantine; until September 14. - Museo del Corso: The 1400s in Rome, 170 paintings and sculptures including works by Filippo Lippi, Fra Angelico, Michelangelo, Andrea Mantegna; until September 7. - Shenker Culture Club: 28 large religious works by Mario Schifano inspired by ancient Italian divinity Mater Matuta; marks 10th anniversary of artist's death; until October 15. SIENA - Piazza del Duomo and other city sites: Mario Ceroli, Forms In Movement; giant works by avant-garde sculptor; until November 7. STRA - Villa Pisani: 70 paintings and monumental works by sculptor Mimmo Paladino, hand-picked and arranged by the artist in the historic villa's magnificent grounds; until November 2. TIVOLI - Villa Adriana: Between Light and Darkness; Ancient Roman funerary beds including bone-decorated bed from Aquinum and one found on Rome's Esquiline Hill; until November 2. TRAVERSETOLO (PARMA) - Fondazione Magnani-Rocca: Giovanni Fattori, The Poetry of Truth; September 5 to November 30. TRENTO - Castello del Buonconsiglio; first major show on relatively unknown Renaissance sculptor Andrea Briosco aka Il Riccio; until November 2. - same venue: Rembrandt and Masterpieces of European Graphics; until November 2. TURIN - National Cinema Museum: Time After Time, Ugo Nespolo and Cinema; 250 works by avant-garde master; until September 14. - San Paolo Foundation: Heavenly Empire, From Terracotta Army To Silk Road; imperial Chinese works from Qi, Han and Tang dynasties (3rd century BC to 11th century AD); until November 16. - Palazzo Bellini: Red Coral, Precious Art from Baroque Sicily; until September 28.

Photo: Mario Ceroli's glass sculpture, Sun, currently on display in a Siena courtyard. KYG/


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