The Knights Templar International Confederation of "Bernard de Clairvaux" Received at the Vatican PDF Stampa E-mail
The Knights Templar International Confederation of
"Bernard de Clairvaux" Received at the Vatican
Vatican City. Santa Marta,
Thursday, October 22, the day when the Catholic Church remembered the memory of St. John Paul II, one of the town-walls of Santa Marta, rich in spirituality and a palpable spirit of Christian brotherhood, the Confederation Templar International (CTI) "Bernard de Clairvaux "he has had the privilege of being received by His Beatitude Gregory III Laham, Patriarch of Antioch and All the East, Alexandria and Jerusalem greek-Melkite Catholic Church.
At the entrance of the Patriarch in the reception room of Santa Marta, strong was the emotion of the representatives of the various communities of Italian tradition and neo Templar Templar who decided to join the joint project of the International Confederation Templar "Bernard de Clairvaux". ************
Patriarch Gregory III received the knights outside of each protocol, with the companionship, joy, kindness and the warmth with which a father receives his children.
After a brief presentation of the various groups that make up the Confederation and purposes the same, the interview continued with an informal speech of the Patriarch on the situation of Catholics in the near Middle East, Syria, and the state of extreme hardship and danger in which Christians live in areas threatened by 'ISIS. In fact, the brothers in Christ of the Near East in need of practical help not only with regard to health, education but also for the simplest activities of daily life.
The Patriarch had words of appreciation for the Confederacy presented by the Commander of Internal Affairs between Diego Beltrutti of Vebnerabilis Ordo Sancti Sepulchri of Seborga and the head of Foreign Affairs David Nanni between the Priory of St. George Knights Crusaders of Christ, with the presence of some leaders of the Orders Templars who have joined the joint project, between Massimo Maria Civale of the International Brotherhood of the Knights Templar Christian "Jacques de Molay"; Renato Mollica between the Congregation Academic Templar "Jacques de Molay" and between Nino Aloi, Ordo Monasticum Templars Pietas Pelicans; His Beatitude Gregory III Laham wanted to express gratitude for the efforts on behalf of fellow Christians Syrians and the Middle East. After a moment of silence, the meeting touched the highest point when the presence Archimandrite father Mtanious Hadd, His Beatitude Gregory III gave the blessing to the various equestrian groups, their leaders intervened, extending even to their family.
The moving ceremony was concluded with a prayer to our Lord Jesus Christ to protect the Syrian people of any religion or any ethnic group, and in particular the Catholic brethren so that they can continue to live and pray in the land of their fathers, free at last and safe.ImageImageImageImage
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